Mobihealth is changing Nigerian healthcare narrative with telemedicine

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The Mobihealth Consult App was officially launched in London on the 16th of March 2019, bridging the gap in Africa’s healthcare space using technological applications to reduce treatment, pressure on healthcare facility, shortages of doctors and brain drain through a one-stop portal that provides millions of people access to more than hundred thousand medical experts mainly from Western countries but also to the best doctors locally through video consultation from the comfort of their homes.

Since November 2017, Mobihealth International has been providing pro bono medical services and health education to thousands of online subscribers whilst building the integrated Telemedicine app that is suitable and adaptable to the African user and that address the peculiar challenges of the healthcare system across the continent.

Mobihealth is changing Nigerian healthcare narrative with telemedicine

Mobihealth is currently registered in the United Kingdom and in Nigeria, and plans are on-going to incorporate the business in Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, and some other African countries.

Adewara noted that Mobihealth has signed Memorandum of Understanding with some states and organisations in Nigeria and is in the process of concluding take off agreements in this regard. “Before the first quarter of 2020, we will be deploying telehealth clinics across some states in the country such as Lagos, Kwara, Ogun, Kano, Kaduna, Kebbi and Cross River,” she said.

“Our mission is to provide people in developing countries timely access to quality healthcare services from around the world when they need it and in the most effective and time efficient way leveraging technology using telemedicine—the use of modern data technology for clinical care from a distance,” Adewara said. “The quality and quantity of our doctors, multi-lingual experts, low cost and speed-of-care are some of the unique characters that set us apart from competitors.”

Mobihealth’s fully integrated telemedicine model will make it easier for consumers to access the entire value chain on a single platform reducing information overload and enhancing user friendliness and adoption. Mobihealth is positioning as the Uber of Medicine and aligning with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal-3 (SDGs-3), and expediting Universal Health Coverage, UHC, to reduce the burden of disease and preventable deaths associated with challenges in seeking and receiving healthcare services.

Few weeks after Mobihealth was launched, it partnered with 9Mobile with the purpose of bringing affordable healthcare services to the doorsteps of Nigerians .Apart from 9Mobile, Mobihealth also has partnership with MTN. Through partnership with Telcos, subscribers get free internet data to use the Mobihealth Consult App. This is a unique advantage as cost of data is borne by Mobihealth rather than the user.

How   Mobihealth works

The modus operandi of Mobihealth is simple, yet unique. Anyone can access the platform through the Mobihealth Consult App, obtainable from iOS and Android stores. For those without smart phones or who are in rural areas, the platform is to be easily accessible through one of the customised telehealth clinics.

The app enables patients to book appointment with over hundred thousand medical experts worldwide mainly but not exclusive from Western countries who speak English, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, French, Arabic and other languages. The app services also enable patients to receive laboratory tests, prescription, counterfeit medication detector, medication reminder, follow-up, referrals, healthcare education resource tools, and local capacity building. Importantly, subscribers have access to free internet data when using the Mobihealth Consult App.

Mobihealth plans are pocket friendly and affordable from N2000/month per family of up to six people on an annual contract basis. Premium services are available from as low as twenty-seven dollars per month on annual contract. The various plans cover consultations, investigations, treatments, referrals and home delivery of medications without any further out-of-pocket co-payment required for subscribers.

“Poor patients or those who live in rural areas who may not have access to phones or internet can access our telehealth walk-in clinics, which are satcom and solar powered,” she said.

Dr Funmi Adewara is optimistic that in five years, Mobihealth would play a vital role in reducing the disease burden of Africa. She believes that seventy per cent of medical issues in Africa, especially in Nigeria, could be resolved at primary healthcare level, and that Mobihealth mission is primarily focused on primary health level.

“Our intervention will reduce hospital congestion by over sixty per cent and improve time of diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In five years, our impact will be clearly evident and Mobihealth will be the preferred healthcare provider to every Nigerian, African, I mean everyone on the planet,” she said.

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