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Airtel launches mobile-Health services

Nigeria: Airtel launches mobile Health services to boost maternity care

Airtel, Nigeria, has made a bold and innovative move to reduce infant and maternal mortality rate in the country. It More »

Healthcare hub

Africa Healthcare: Philips launched Primary Healthcare Hub

Royal Philips (AEX: PHIA, NYSE: PHG) ( has opened its first Community Life Centre in Kenya, an integrated solution for More »


Cardiopad: Africa’s first medical tablet sending results via a mobile-phone connection wins 2014 Rolex Awards for Enterprise

 Five young visionaries from Africa, India, Europe and the Middle East were announced today at London’s leading scientific institution, the More »

portable eye examination kit

Peek presents another dimension into eye examination and diagnosis

  A team of ophthalmologists, developers and engineers have created a mobile app and clip-on hardware that transforms a low-cost More »

Uganda SALT project

SALT is using Telephone helpline to improve treatment of HIV/AIDS in Uganda Healthcare

By Pat Robert Larubi: In the late 90’s HIV/AIDS debate and disclosure was a nightmare for many Ugandans. People who More »

solar maternity kit

Portable Solar Power Suitcase Reduces Maternal and Infant Mortality

By Derek Markham: In the developed world, we take modern healthcare and all of the technology that supports it for granted, More »


IBM Watson to boost Africa Healthcare

IBM  has launched a 10-year initiative to bring Watson and other cognitive systems to Africa in a bid to fuel More »

How Technology Can Improve the Prognosis for Health Care in Africa


When it comes to the influence of technology in health care on the African continent, seemingly small victories can lead to vast improvements.The problem, said participants on a panel entitled “Can Technology Enable Health Care for All?”at the recent Wharton Africa Business Forum, is that African nations often lack the ability, or home-grown advocates with

Samsung is investing in effective medical solutions tailored for South Africa


Samsung Electronics South Africa has invested significantly into the medical sector, with the aim of using the latest in technological innovation to assist in delivering transformational change in the health sector in Africa.Through its Health and Medical Equipment portfolio, Samsung has developed market-leading solutions in areas including Digital Radiology, Ultrasound and IVD (in-vitro diagnostics), to

Nigerian Clinical Studies Demonstrate Advantages of LuViva ® Advanced Cervical Scan for Screening and Detecting Cervical Pre-Cancer in Africa


Results of two clinical studies of the LuViva® Advanced Cervical Scan showed the versatility of the technology in its ability to screen the general population for cervical cancer and to eliminate unnecessary testing for women who are screened by other methods. The studies were presented at the Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Nigeria 2014

How BroadReach is using analytics to improve healthcare in Africa


By John Leonard : Many parts of Africa are no stranger to shortages, be they a lack of food and water in areas stricken by drought or conflict, or of medicines and materials due to logistical problems.Less well known, however, is a shortage of data – at least the sort of comparative data that allows authorities

South Africa :New cardiology facility to help reduce cost

South Africa

Tygerberg Hospital’s cardiology unit has unveiled its new ground-breaking radial angiography service at the hospital – the first of its kind on the African continent. It will provide numerous benefits to patients awaiting this procedure.   “The new facility will allow us to perform coronary angiographies and interventions such as stent placement, significantly quicker and

HIV Disclosure to a New Relationship Partner (and In-Laws)?


By Grace Gachanja, PhD, MPH RN:   The number of persons a HIV-positive person may have to disclose his or her illness to can seem endless. The need for disclosure causes stress, worry, and sleepless nights in HIV-positive persons. When a HIV-positive person starts a new relationship, the question usually is, should he or she disclose

Creating an Accessible Healthcare System: A case for Nigeria


Healthcare systems play a vital role in any given society in helping people maintain and improve their health. All healthcare systems, either in developed or developing countries, have common challenges which only but defer in degree of magnitude. Whatever the challenges may be, it is very important that they are continually tackled, managed or possibly