Vodafones' mVacciNation deploy to manage COVID vaccination appointments

Vodafones’ mVacciNation deploy to manage COVID vaccination appointments

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Vodafone PLC (LON:VOD) announced mVacciNation mobile platform will be used to manage vaccination appointments and stock availability across up to 55 countries, following a successful pilot project in South Africa. A partnership with the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) has been agreed to offer a digital toolbox to help with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine rollout.

In South Africa, the National Department of Health has used mVacciNation to register health workers on its Electronic Vaccine Data System (EVDS), and nearly 279,000 vaccinations have been administered to date.

Each time someone is vaccinated their digital record is updated and, if a further dose is required, the platform automatically schedules and sends a follow-up date via SMS.

Once vaccination is completed, the individual will receive electronic certification.

Countries can link mVacciNation into their choice of temperature-controlled supply chain, drug safety and vaccination travel passport platforms.

The platform will also be used to manage infant inoculations in Mozambique, Tanzania and Nigeria.

The roll-out of mVacciNation, developed by Mezzanine, a member of the Vodacom Group, is the first project as part of a wider agreement to boost Africa’s digital transformation.

“The response to the Covid-19 crisis has significantly accelerated the adoption of frontier technologies,” said Dr Ibrahim Mayaki, chief executive of AUDA-NEPAD, in a release.

“Africa’s booming digital sector offers great opportunities for public-private partnerships to help build resilience in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis and respond to critical continental priorities. As the development agency for the African Union, we act as a channel to connect innovators and governments to roll out and localise these solutions.”

Source: www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk

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