Samsung launched new health initiative in Africa


Samsung Electronics Africa has launched its solar-powered health center model, marking the start of a large-scale medical initiative on the continent. The mobile centers are built for use in remote rural areas and it is estimated that one million people will benefit from eye, ear, blood and dental medical services by 2015. 
Intended to eliminate the economic and geographic barriers that prevent people across Africa from obtaining quality medical treatment, the solar-powered health center is designed to reach as many people as possible as regularly as possible. Mounted on a truck and manned by qualified medical professionals, the centers will move from one area to the next providing a range of medical services to the public.
“We have been providing medical services to rural areas in Africa for a few years now through our annual Employee Volunteer Programmes,” says Ntutule Tshenye, Business-to-Government and Corporate Citizenship lead for Samsung Africa. “This experience has shown us how desperately medical treatment is needed across the continent, and inspired us to develop a sustainable and innovative solution to reach the people who need it most.”
A large focus will be placed on screening people to establish conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, tooth decay and cataracts. The centers will also focus on educating communities about health issues and encouraging people to take tests as preventative measures.
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