InterSystems to implement HealthShare Unified Care Record

InterSystems to implement HealthShare Unified Care Record

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CareConnect, a non-profit organisation founded by some of the largest medical insurance administrators and hospital groups in South Africa, has selected InterSystems to implement HealthShare Unified Care Record and HealthShare Patient Index to revolutionise the local healthcare system by providing unified access to vital patient information for the first time.

HealthShare lets those in the medical industry overcome the challenges of decentralised data by consolidating information across multiple stakeholders when requested.  The system delivers relevant data from across an application and business ecosystem, facilitating timely action through real-time communication.

“This is the first substantial health data exchange of its kind in Africa and will dramatically improve South African patient care in the future,” said Henry Adams, Sales Manager for InterSystems South Africa.

“After an extensive procurement process by CareConnect, InterSystems was selected as the preferred technology provider thanks to its proven capabilities in Europe, especially the UK, and the US,”

Dr Burnett Biddulph, CEO of CareConnect, believes CareConnect will benefit from the InterSystems track record of providing HIE services in various regions around the world.

“We’re excited to be partnering with a company that has had global experience in developing health information exchanges,” he said.

“We believe that the CareConnect HIE will usher in a new era for South Africa’s health system by transforming the healthcare experience for the patient and the health professional.”

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