Healthlane: Cameroon health-tech startup bags $2.4m investment

Healthlane: Cameroon health-tech startup bags $2.4m investment

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Healthlane, is a Cameroon-based health-tech startup helping Africans get good quality and affordable healthcare. They have thus far raised over $2.4million.

Digital Horizon, a London-based venture capital firm participated in the round. Other top investors were Sequoia Capital, CRE Africa, Supernode Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, Capitoria, and TSVC who all raised a cumulative  $2.4 million.

 In 2012, Healthlane’s CEO previously co-founded GiftedMom. This social enterprise uses low-cost technology to assist expectant mothers in remote areas to get life-saving medical information. That way it plays a role in solving the infant mortality challenge. The startup has managed to raise over $220,000 in investment and positively impacted over 500,000 mothers to date.

Alain Nteff slightly pivoted to Healthlane in March 2019 that helps deliver medical services to mums. The company now connects over 400 medical institutions covering over 250000 organizations and individuals with the service.

The company was one of the 12 African startups that took part in the Y Combinator Winter 2020 batch. During this period it received a $150000 investment for a 7% equity claim. The cumulative amount of investment into Healthlane exceeds $2.5 million.

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