AfriDOKTA’s : Telemedicine/mHealth to Deliver Healthcare across Africa

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AfriDOKTA is a subsidiary of eHealth Solutions LLC, a global company based in the United States, which is a leader in developing outcome-based electronic healthcare solutions. Through its telemedicine/mHealth solution, AfriDOKTA aims to deliver first class and world class healthcare to African countries and other low and middle-income countries challenged with major health burdens, regardless of their location and socioeconomic status.

“The Kenyan government has been rolling out universal healthcare as one of its four major pillars of growth and is investing in infrastructure to improve connectivity, which, in turn, is boosting the potential of mHealth solutions.

AfriDOKTA is driving Kenya’s leadership in the telemedicine and mobile app space to propel its country-agnostic platform to the rest of Africa,” said Nicholas Burger, Ph.D., Consultant at Frost & Sullivan. “The AfriDOKTA platform is a 10-key app that can replicate in any country across the globe. Its user-friendly interface and simple set-up make it ideal for use among patient populations with a smart phone.”

Unlike most mHealth platforms in Africa, AfriDOKTA complies with international data security standards and adheres to the US-based Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The company also applies Health Level 7 (HL7), SNOMED, and DICOM standards, which are a set of international principles used for the transfer of clinical data between various software and electronic applications. AfriDOKTA’s use of international standards for storing, accessing, and processing medical images and related information is a strong competitive differentiator in the market.

AfriDOKTA works with community health workers (CHWs), particularly in both urban,and remote areas, to train people to use smartphones to access healthcare services and explain the importance of taking control of their health information. Additionally, the app gives users referrals to vetted pharmacies and labs with certified medical professionals.

CHWs encourage users to complete their personal profiles in a mobile electronic health record as it streamlines the consultation process and helps physicians make accurate and informed decisions. Finally, the platform uses algorithm-based clinical decision support to diagnose patients accurately based on their medical history and symptoms.

“AfriDOKTA works closely with leading pharmacies, hospitals, and allied healthcare services in several African countries. AfriDOKTA also welcomes partnerships with mobile phone service providers and smartphone manufacturers to develop healthcare app-integrated mobile phones for use among low-income population groups across Africa,” noted Dr. Burger. “These strategic collaborations, product benefits, and focus on security will ensure that the company continues to deliver top value to end users.”

About AfriDOKTA

Led by Dr John Gachago, Kigen Kandie, Michael Ranneberger, Ken Saul,and Dr. Lawrence Adu and Maragaret Bekker, AfriDOKTA is a team of professionals passionate about transforming the delivery of healthcare in Africa through people, processes and technology. The organization’s mission is three fold; transforming access to healthcare on the African continent; helping African nations meet SDG3 goals; and facilitating the attainment of affordable Universal Healthcare. AfriDOKTA maintains offices in both the US and Kenya

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