World AIDS Day 2014: Are We On To Track To Achieve An AIDS Free Generation?

World AIDS Day falls on December 1 of each year. There are efforts underway to plan and perform many activities that will bring together many people across the world to commemorate the day. If you search twitter using #WAD2014, the number of events planned that come up from various local and global organizations are numerous and this is very commendable in the continuing fight against HIV/AIDS. However, I wonder if we were to have this much energy throughout the year, would we make more/faster progress towards the AIDS Free Generation we so desire? It seems there is so much attention focused on World AIDS Day around the time leading up to it but how about the rest of the year?When the festivities of World AIDS day are over, we seem to go back to our daily lives and continue with the way things are until the next World AIDS Day comes around. Here are some of the goals created by UNAIDS to achieve an AIDS Free Generation:

Here are some issues identified by UNAIDS that need to be addressed for this World AIDS Day and going forth to achieve an AIDS Free Generation:

The original infographic and other materials for use during this year’s World AIDS Day are located at the UNAIDS Site. Is it possible for each of us to choose at least one of these populations that is being left behind and start to passionately advocate for that particular group throughout the year and not just during the weeks leading up to World AIDS Day? Advocacy can be anything from helping out a few hours at your local AIDS service organization, to becoming heavily involved furthering your identified cause. I believe that by each of us doing what we can within our capabilities, we would make more/faster progress towards achieving the goal of an AIDS Free Generation in the future.

We suggest you read  Preventive Screening of Non-Communicable Diseases in sub-Saharan Africa

What is my cause you ask?

My cause/advocacy is HIV disclosure from HIV-positive parents to their partners and children. I advocate for it via my research, publications, presentations, blogging, and social media activities.

Now its your turn:

  • What do you or your organization have planned for the 2014 World AIDS Day?
  • I am curious, do you think we are making progress towards an AIDS Free Generation?
  • Is it even achievable?
  • What barriers do you find in your personal, professional, or societal life that hinders progress towards achieving an AIDS Free Generation?
  • What can we do better and how do we stay energized throughout the year?

Whether you are an HIV-positive person and/or a healthcare professional, would you please choose a population and work towards closing it’s gaps? Most if not all of us know someone infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Here are the UNAIDS Materials to help you identify your population/gap and start your advocacy efforts.

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