Rethinking ‘ Global Health ’ in Africa and the Diaspora (2017)

The panel “Rethinking ‘ Global Health in Africa and the Diaspora” features a discussion between Dr. Kevin Marsh, Dr. Nawal Nour and Dr. Mosa Moshabela and is moderated by Dr. Simukai Chigudu.

From community-based responses to the ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone and the ethic of medical research in East Africa to local healthcare capacity building in Kenya and quality healthcare for African immigrant women in the US, our panelists bring a range and depth of expertise in building equitable systems for marginalized communities, on the continent and in its diaspora. Drawing from four different case studies, the panel poses such questions as: how do different actors conceptualize and frame the field of “global health”? How do contested visions and on-the-ground experiences respond to and subvert mainstream “global health” imaginaries? How do our panelists, as healthcare innovators, envision the present and future of healthcare work on the continent and its diaspora?

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