VESAG Smart Health Watch Receives European CE Mark Approval


Vyzin out of Somerset, NJ received European clearance to market its VESAG mobile-based personal emergency response system (MPERS), a watch that includes GPS, GSM cellular connectivity, and a wireless hub to relay patient data coming from external devices.

The device can be used to track patients and can be setup to call family members when someone with Alzheimers, for example, exits a predefined geographic area.

More from the company about the watch including a feature list:

VESAG mHealth watch is designed to track patient vitals, providing preemptive medical care and avoiding emergencies. The medical watch includes tracking features and collects patient parameters such as pulse, EKG, pulse, oxygen saturation, body weight, heart rate  and blood pressure.  Data is wirelessly transmitted to a web portal for monitoring by a medical call center. The device can be worn as a watch or a pendant and does not confine the wearer’s location due to the use of GPS and GSM technologies.

  • Location Tracking.
  • Convertible to pendant.
  • Medicine/task reminder.
  • Built-in wireless hub to receive and relay data.
  • Can be used for whole family by just selecting subscriber ID before use by pressing up and down buttons on the watch.
  • Can be used for Code Blue/Purple/Red at the hospitals by their staff.
  • Fall detection. (Coming Soon)
  • Geo-fence capability.
  • SOS button to notify call center
  • GPS based clock.
  • Displays speed, coordinates and altitude information.
  • Built in microphone/speakerphone
  • 60 to 72 hours standby time

Press release: VESAG mHealth watch awarded CE, ROHS and SAR certifications…

Product page: VESAG Advanced Health Watch


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