Trishula Pathways Launches the African Healthcare Portal

Trishula Pathways Launches the African Healthcare Portal

Trishula Pathways, a South African based Healthcare technology firm launched their flagship product known as the African Healthcare Portal, on the 22nd of November at the JoziHub eventspace in Milpark, Johannesburg.

The portal is the brain child of Trishula
Pathways CEO; Dr Yushavia Govender, who created the platform to act as a
central online corridor to facilitate the flow of information and trade within
Healthcare on the continent.

Dr Govender remarked; “The portal is not
limited to Healthcare professionals, I encourage every member of the healthcare
value chain to join the African Healthcare Portal. It is robust conversations
with the various disciplines and practices within Healthcare that is needed to
solve the complex problems we face today. I believe in the power of the
collective, and our ability to create dynamic solutions tailored for the
African healthcare context.”

The portal is an online aggregator, pooling
individuals from all parts of the continent onto one platform. Some of features
include an online newsfeed aimed at collective problem-solving, online forums
to facilitate market research, project management and continent-wide research
initiatives. In terms of education and information transfer, the platform
allows for the hosting of online seminars, expert classes and cpd-accredited
online courses.

Initiatives to promote adoption of theportal have begun and will continue steadily into the new year. “Africa is ripefor digital transformation and better positioned as there aren’t many legacysystems in place to hinder implementation, further the signing of the AfricanContinental Free Trade Area agreement earlier this year marks the start of anew era for the continent as we begin to embrace the power of doing businesstogether, this has created fertile ground for platforms such as the AfricanHealthcare Portal” commented Dr Govender.

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Thevideo clip of the launch may be viewed on the website: