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Transforming Africa’s healthcare systems—where should change happen?



Healthcare demands in Africa are changing. With chronic diseases rising, an emerging middle-class demanding better quality, affordable healthcare and private healthcare on the rise, what is the future for healthcare systems across the continent?

Healthcare in Africa will bring together influential healthcare stakeholders from government, providers, suppliers and patient groups to confront and explore key issues around healthcare systems in Africa. You’ll be able to participate in interactive brainstorming sessions, hear cutting-edge case studies, and hear from a range of inspiring speakers.

Event date
06-DEC-11 to 07-DEC-11

South Africa

Cape Town


What is the right balance of private and public healthcare for Africa?

How can healthcare systems best meet the demands of both infectious and chronic diseases?

What are the best practices for affordable medicine in Africa, and what can be learnt from other emerging markets?

Sarah Harbi

For further information and to register, visit www.economistconferences.com/africahealth

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