Teleradiology Solutions signed  contract with Regency Medical Centre (RMC) in Tanzania

Teleradiology Solutions signed contract with Regency Medical Centre (RMC) in Tanzania

By  AHIN Reporter:

Teleradiology Solutions (TRS),  a  US teleradiology vendor  has recently signed  a  partnership  agreement with Regency Medical Centre (RMC) in Tanzania to work together and serve the Hospital Radiology Services sector of Tanzania and Sub-Saharan Africa.  Africa healthcare system would benefit from such collaboration with healthcare solution provider that are willing to take the challenge in experimenting new solutions in the continent

The partnership  is  a strategic move by  TRS  to establish  its presence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Commenting on the  partnership  Dr.SunitaMaheshwari, Chief Dreamer of Teleradiology Solutions said that  "We are very excited about the opportunity to use technology and our doctors in India to serve the patients in Tanzania with RMC,  We are confident that this partnership will see a trickledown effect on improving overall quality of patient care in East Africa."

The  chairman of RMC, Dr.Kanabar  expressed his delight  in the  new partnership . He  believed   that   the partnership with TRS will  not only  help patients in East Africa  to get their diagnostic test results  quickly . It will contribute to the improvement of patient care in Africa because there are  shortages  of Radiologists in East Africa.


About Teleradiology Solutions

Teleradiology Solutions (TRS), a pioneer in teleradiology was founded in 2002 by two Yale trained physicians, Dr.ArjunKalyanpur and Dr.SunitaMaheshwari. It has provided teleradiology services to over 3 million patients in the United States (100+ hospitals) and across 20 countries globally. Teleradiology Solutions is a US Joint Commission accredited ambulatory care health care organization (JCAHO). It is also the only organization outside Singapore to be accredited by the Ministry of Health, Singapore and provides teleradiology services to 11 medical centres in Singapore under the National Healthcare group. Delivering access to expertise in radiologic interpretations across modalities and subspecialties, TRS contributes to improved quality of patient care. With consistent shortest turnaround times in the industry, TRS enhances productivity and helps in reducing overall time to diagnosis and treatment. For more information, visit

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