Telerad Tech continues its expansion in Africa

Telerad Tech continues its expansion in Africa

RADSpa™, a teleradiology workflow, pioneered by Telerad Tech and Teleradiology Solutions (rated Best in KLAS 2011), continues its growth with six new contracts. The new clients represent a mix of healthcare verticals and diverse locationsTelerad Tech continues its expansion in Africa, which is ripe for innovative IT solutions, with a new installation in Togo. It has also made further inroads into South America with installations in 29 different hospitals in Mexico and moving towards 50 hospitals by the end of the year. Additionally, RADSpa™, being suitable for a value add on to other health care industry segments, has signed up with an OEM vendor in the Veterinary space.

Other contracts include an Electronic health record vendor in the hospital space, and with a distributor in the imaging center and clinical space. Letters of intent have been received from partners in two other countries in South America. “Mutual Non- Disclosure agreements have been signed with these partners who are re-branding the RADSpa™. In all these agreements the Radiology workflow offered by RADSpa™ has been the main differentiating feature for RADSpa™,” said Mohan Mysore, Telerad Tech’s VP of Sales and Operations for the Americas. He continued, “There is a huge need for ‘non-traditional’ cloud-based RIS/PACS solutions and radiology workflow enhancement technologies in the rapidly emerging markets.”

According to Mr Ricky Bedi, CEO of Telerad Tech, “There is a great need for a system such as RADSpa™ as it is much more than just a RIS PACS. It is a complete teleradiology workflow-something today’s Radiologists increasingly need. This teleradiology workflow is vendor agnostic and can be integrated with telemedicine, EMR and other EHR systems making it a value add for distributors and companies in this space who do not own a radiology workflow of their own.”

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RADSpa™ is the workflow productivity tool that every facility has been looking for - simple to use and affordable. It cuts down your wasteful expenses and provides your radiologists, physicians, technicians a pleasant working environment stimulating their productivity. RADSpa™ is also now available in Spanish and will soon be available in other languages.

About Telerad Tech Pvt Ltd  Telerad Tech, the technology and services arm of its parent company “Teleradiology Solutions Pvt Ltd” (, rated the No 1 National Teleradiology Provider in USA by KLAS 2011), builds workflow enhancing products with built in image management capabilities for: radiology imaging, clinical imaging, telemedicine and dental imaging. Telerad Tech’s flagship workflow improvement productivity solution- RADSpa™ has over 70 installations worldwide. RADSpa™ is a unique cloud-based imaging workflow intelligence system designed to improve communication and collaboration among physicians, technologists, IT staff and institutions. For press inquiries, please contact Mohan Mysore at 763.244.1263, additional information on Telerad Tech is available at: