Telemedicine allows for service calls to Africa

Telemedicine allows for service calls to Africa

By Brian E. Walsh:

Medical advances, whether they're found through a technology improvement or a new use for older equipment, are always revolutionizing the medical fields. Not only have new found benefits been discovered in a new usage of such technology, but as a result, the overall market may soon expand.


Telemedicine reaches to Senegal

Infinity Medical Equipment Services, a healthcare consulting group, recently reported that it was able to use its innovative technologies for an entirely new medical purpose.The company recently conducted and complete a service call with doctors in America speaking to workers as far away as the African country Senegal. A doctor in Camberen, Senegal, reportedly needed help understanding a new part for his new catheter lab. That physician received help via live video from 25 experts who specialized in the technology. The experts connected to the doctor's remote cardiovascular surgical facility, extending its ability to treat patient problems. The benefits of telemedicine could not be overstated. While sending a single engineer to the remote location to help the doctor would have taken up days of time that likely could not have been wasted, the direct connection completely removed this issue from the equation.

 The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the situation were second to none. This is even more notable, according to the founder of IMES, as its technology was largely ignored as recently as two years ago.

Telemedicine market to expand

With the potential benefits that the technology can provide, the market itself for telemedicine and telemetry is expected to expand in the near future.   A recent MarketsandMarkets report predicted that potential growth could rise as high as a compound adjusted growth rate of 7.31 percent over the next five years, with the overall market increasing to a potential sum of $103.42 billion. This is largely because cloud-based services and interoperability are becoming popular around the world. From emerging markets like China and India to established locations such as the United States and Europe, it's likely that the technology will see further adoption and implementation in a number of formats in the near future. Equipment and healthcare industry piece brought to you by Marlin Equipment Finance, leaders in healthcare equipment financing. Marlin is a nationwide provider of equipment financing solutions supporting equipment suppliers and manufacturers in the security, food services, healthcare, information technology, office technology and telecommunications sectors.



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