South Africa: MRC initiates Teleophthalmology Pilot Project

By AHIN staff:

South Africa Medical research council has initiated a project to test and evaluatean online teleophthalmology platform that enables clinicians to connect and communicate with ophthalmologists anywhere in South Africa.

The project is based on the use telemedicine  technology.  It is believed thatophthalmology is an area of medicine where telemedicine can be effective. In South Africa, there is a shortage of eye specialists. The ratio of the number of eyespecialists available in the public sector is 1:300,000 people. This is below the ratio of 1:250,000 recommended by the World Health Organization. The projectis aiming to show that telemedicine has the potential to increase the accessibility of ophthalmologists to clinicians and their patients.


MRS are looking for interested clinicians interested in partaking in this pilot project. If you’d like to be involved in a teleophthalmology project please get intouch .



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