Shared eHealth vision for Africa

Shared eHealth vision for Africa

Press Release

Last week a Greenfield team briefed senior African Union (AU) officials in Addis Ababa regarding progress on the European Space Agency ehealth program: the satellite-enhanced telemedicine and eHealth for sub-Saharan Africa (eHSA) programme.


Dr. Ademola Olajide, AU Head of Division of Health, Nutrition and Population and Dr. Janet Byaruhanga, AU Health Officer of the Department of Social Affairs met with Greenfield’s International Relations Advisor Lesley Dobson and Senior eHealth Consultant Michael Kavuma.


Greenfield provided the AU with insight into the study on regulatory aspects emphasizing the importance of the regulatory reference model, one of the outcomes of the study. The model identifies eHealth processes and services that need regulation and can be used to support implementation of eHealth in SSA to ensure sustainability and effective development.


The AU acknowledged the study as important and timely given that the African Ministers of Health during their last Ordinary Session held in Namibia in April 2011, requested that the AU Commission, in partnership with the relevant organizations, develop an eHealth strategic framework for Africa to support the Africa Health strategy. The AU shared its vision for a continental eHealth strategy for Africa with the Greenfield team.


The AU team is enthusiastic about the study and the potential practical benefits which it has to offer. They are confident that the study can help advance the AU’s goals with regards to eHealth in Africa.


The AU recognises the need for regulating eHealth and the importance of implementing the appropriate laws to regulate eHealth services.

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This signals the start of a fruitful relationship between Greenfield and the AU built around strengthening ehealth development and implementation opportunities on the continent.