Rwanda Healthcare: Use of web based system in Laboratory

Rwanda Healthcare: Use of web based system in Laboratory

Rwanda  is one of the developing countries in Africa, and now it is growing faster in different sectors. Information communication technology (ICT) is one of the main pillars which have contributed to the development in different sectors in Rwanda without forgetting the healthcare sector. Rwanda Healthcare Pathway The healthcare sector is managed under the ministry of health (MOH).

The health care system is structured as follows. The gateway to healthcare in Rwanda is through the health centers and/or posts de santé, district hospitals.  In addition, referrals comes from   private clinics and hospitals Issues in Rwanda healthcare Since  1994, there has been a remarkable change and improvement in the use technology in Rwanda healthcare system. For instance, Kigali University Teaching Hospital (KUTH) or Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Kigali (CHUK) is one of the referral hospitals located in capital city of Kigali.  

It treats around 7000 and 1000 patients per month. A developing country like Rwanda, could not deliver a good service to all of these patients as it is done today at this level without technology like  web-based platform like “Open clinic” which is  used in Laboratory at KUTH to provide timely good service to patients. Before the introduction of a web based system at KUTH laboratory, it was very difficult to manage patients’ pathological results. It used to take time, materials, and money for both employees and patients, even sometimes loss of information.

The laboratory staff used  paper registers to record test results of every patient. Lot of papers to provide results to clinicians in different wards and it was very difficult for clinicians to come every time to check and pick results when it’s ready. Sometime results were misplaced by couriers, lost at the place and no facility to retrieve them easily

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Use of Technology in Rwanda healthcare

The introduction of web based system (Open clinic) at KUTH laboratory has been a key success to the delivery of good laboratory service.  The turnaround time  has reduced a lot, compare with the non-web based system. Clinicians are no longer running to the Lab to look for test results for their patients, they can retrieve it easily.  They are able to keep   records of their patients and manage bill payment with ease. Reporting on all laboratory activities, statistics and research can be done easily due to facility of information technology (IT) because all data is on finger tips (within open clinic). There has been an improvement in the quality of service delivery. It has moved from below 50% to 90% within a short period

Rwanda healthcare Challenge

The remaining challenge is currently around the interface with other the systems and all the automated machines to continue the reduction in turnaround time and cost of papers.


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