Rwanda: Country’s Healthcare System Pays Off

Rwanda was this week recognised as one of the nine countries in Africa and Asia making significant progress to make universal healthcare systems possible. The details are in a new study published in the US-based scientific journal, The Lancet.

Other countries recognized included Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Rwanda has continued to make progress by extending healthcare to all members of society especially the poor.

Recent statistics show the heath sector has managed to roll-out a universal health care system -Mutuelle de Santé - that benefits every Rwandan. This is in addition to the Rwanda Social Security Board (RAMA) medical insurance scheme that benefits civil servants and other employees.

The biggest challenge for many countries has been to design effective policies and programmes that target ordinary citizens..

The government has ensured Mutuelle de Santé services are affordable and accessible and currently more than 90 percent of the Rwandan people have health insurance.

There is no doubt that health insurance has helped improve health, lengthen lives, reduce disability, and raise productivity, consequently propelling the country to greater heights



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