MEDx BALANCE: New way of paying your medical bills

MEDx BALANCE: New way of paying your medical bills

Eindhoven, The Netherlands (May 2016) – MEDx eHealthCenter, a digital multi services in healthcare, has launched the latest innovation on how to have your medical bills paid.

The new method is in a form of account balance you have as a credit charged periodically or fully by your relatives within and/or outside the country. The system is almost similar to crowd funding within the family. The balance will only be deducted after medical consultation and/or prescription has taken place, charged by the medical professional or institution. With this system, one will have their medical needs covered anytime it’s needed.


MEDx eHealthCenter is a company running in the healthcare service. We are focusing on integrating health and technology to advance medical standards in growth markets (emerging and developing countries). The business concepts of interaction, portability, and confidence inspire us to release the burden of financial topic that has been one of the most sensitive problems met in this field. We facilitate interactions among care seekers, medical professionals/providers, and diaspora both in local or international scope. The benefits associated to this balance-system include:

  1. Care providers/professionals have more guarantee over settlement of medical bills, they are eligible to charge the care seeker balance after consultations.
  2. Relatives and/or diasporas can be involved by either directly depositing to the care seeker balance account.


“This is a cutting-edge-way to reassure the ones we love, wherever they are, that their wellness is being taken care of. We can now forget about the untraceable medical fund that diaspora sent for their family back home, and stop worrying that the money never reach them.” – said Patricia Monthe, founder of MEDx eHealthCenter.

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