Medlenna:  Mobile App for medical professionals to improve patient care

Medlenna: Mobile App for medical professionals to improve patient care

The use of technology in Africa healthcare keeps advancing. The availability of smartphone and internet technologies have created new paradigm to how healthcare is given or accessed in Africa. There are still lingering problems  relating to the quality, source and how much you pay for healthcare in Africa

Bane  of  problem is the ever growing population and diminishing numbers of doctors available.  With an average Doctor-Patient ratio of 1:6000 in Nigeria and as high as 1:10000 in Tanzania (WHO Stats), it’s not easy for patient to access healthcare or visit a qualified healthcare practitioner.

A new a mobile software/professional media called Medlenna is   developed on the IOS and Android platform for medical professionals around the globe. Medlenna is an effort to bridge the communication gap & grow learning & interaction among healthcare professionals. This would increase access to information and improve patient care.

It was founded by Dr  Achese Nestor Inimgba (CEO) and co-founded by  Chisobem Nwokedi (Chief Finance Officer) and Surya Barik(Chief Technology Officer) on the simple ideology that if doctors and healthcare professionals around the world could interact more, information on latest patient care modalities would be available at the point of care to whoever needs it


What’s Medlenna

 Medlenna is a brilliant solution to a variety of health care challenges in developing countries around the world. It addresses issues such as collaboration between medical personnel  and provides real time information on new drugs and technology.   Also , it connects health professionals from different backgrounds & provides a convenient source of clinical information of the dynamic profession.

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 A mobile software for medical professionals, hosts specialty based interactions on case notes, research, medical articles, journals, multiple choice questions, etc. we are working to bridge the knowledge gap globally.

Medlenna doctor’s application













The application which is currently available on Google Play store was launched on the 21st of May 2017. It offers users the ability to create cases which could be in form of pictures, videos, investigations and case notes, all subject to discussions from health professionals around the globe.


 It also offers online Continuing Medical Education at the comfort of the user’s mobile device. It also features top editors from different specialties on the application.

The user interface of the Medlenna application was specially developed with the concept of simplicity in mind, enabling users to easily navigate the functionalities of the application. Technology has been proven to be a solution to global challenges; Medlenna hopes to emphasize its relevance in healthcare.


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Welcome to the beautiful world of Medlenna