Kingsbury Hospital acquired 3D robotic surgical technology

In South Africa, Life Kingsbury Hospital has seen another significant investment, this time into its vascular surgery theatre. The hospital has installed a top of the range angiography system (which allows surgeons to see a 3D rendering of the blood vessels) into its newly revamped, dedicated vascular surgery theatre.

The Siemens Artis Zeego system allows surgeons a clearer, more detailed view into the workings of the vascular system while performing surgery, with lower radiation exposure. The robotic capabilities make the system more user-friendly for the medical staff, meaning shorter surgery times – and less complications. Most circulation problems can now be solved using minimally invasive technologies.

Life Kingsbury Hospital has long been established as the vascular surgery hub according to Dr Philip Matley, Past-President of the Vascular Society of Southern Africa and partner of the vascular surgery practice at Life Kingsbury Hospital.

3D scanner

Between Matley and his partners James Tunnicliffe, Martin Forlee and Bhavesh Natha, and their specialised support team, the new theatre is kept extremely busy.

“The new theatre is cutting edge and cements Life Kingsbury Hospital as the place to go for relief from any problems affecting the veins and arteries,” states Matley.

These conditions include varicose and spider veins as well as deep vein thrombosis and the entire range of arterial problems. Matley however goes on to say that he and his partners see a growing number of diabetics in the practice.

“We are extremely pleased with the upgrades and expect the new equipment to help us save many diabetic limbs,” he continues.

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With Life Healthcare investing around R250m into Life Kingsbury Hospital’s refurbishment, Hospital Manager Dr Justin Gavanescu says that the hospital has a lot to offer the community it serves.

“Originally established as a maternity hospital, Life Kingsbury Hospital is uniquely placed to treat the whole family. We have excellent maternity and paediatric facilities, a first-class emergency room that serves everyone from the student community to the families and older population of the area, as well as a very strong specialist surgical offering, strengthened by the newly refurbished and equipped vascular theatre.”

The upgrades at Life Kingsbury Hospital seem to be far from over, with Gavanescu saying that the next step in the project is to repurpose the old Claremont Hospital into contemporary doctor’s suites and the new home of the Life Peninsula Eye Hospital.
Source: Cape Business News