Kenya: 150 Hospitals in Quality Healthcare Plan

BY SAMUEL OTIENO (The  Star,Kenya):

Hospitals in Western and Nyanza yesterday launched a programme aimed at improving quality of health care in public and private hospitals.The programme christened Huduma Poa will harness the skills of health providers in public and private hospitals. The social Franchise launched by, Kenya Medical and Education Trust aims to standardize quality of health services in 150 hospital by end of this year.

KMET chief executive officer Monica Ogutu said the programme will ensure that health providers in the private sector get as much skills on job as their counterpart in the public facilities.

“Medical practioners in private facilities are ignored and don’t go for other courses as their colleagues in the public sector, the programme will ensure that all health workers have equal treatment and have uniformly developed skills”, said Ogutu.

KMET executive officer Monica Ogutu said the programme aims to have universal health care for all in all the facilities. ” We want to lift the capacities of the hospital such that when they offer certain services it is equal to the one offered in high level facilities, this we want to do by helping them improve on their services through training and equipments”, said Ogutu.

Speaking at KMET on Friday during a media brief on the programme, Ogutu said the social franchise will ensure quality health services is brought closer to the people through private health facilities.

The social franchise dubbed ‘Huduma poa’ will work to harness the skills and energy of private health providers to deliver sustainable quality health care in 157 Health Care facilities located Nyanza, Western and Rift valley regions.

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KMET Programme coordinator, Sam Owoko said the programme the franchise will integrate all the health care services to ensure providers are a one-stop shop.