India’s leading multinational diagnostic chain now enters Kenya

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In a reaction to thousands of Kenyans searching for medical interventions in countries abroad, Star Metropolis India has set up 2 laboratories in Nairobi with a capacity to deliver 4500 different pathology tests; from the most basic tests to the most advanced.

The two labs, known as “Star Metropolis” have been set up in Upper Hill and Westlands, Nairobi and will take care of almost 80% of the genetic testing workload locally, while the remainder 20% would be shared by Metropolis India.

In its next phase of expansion, Metropolis plans to set up five more such labs in Kenya and another 5 labs in the neighbouring countries. The network of these labs would be further extended through more than 50 collection depots, thereby following the typical hub-and-spoke model of service expansion. The central idea of this expansion plan is to make the Kenyan labs the hub for serving the entire East African region. Metropolis Healthcare India thus looks at investing a total of 250million Kenya shillings over the next five years in Kenya.

Central to the optimism Metropolis saw in entering Kenya is the emerging local talent pool and their commitment to serve their people were. The company therefore decided to build majority of its operational capacities locally, rather than relying on foreign dependence.

Metropolis Healthcare, a 60 Million Dollar enterprise; was incepted by an eminent pathologist Dr. Sushil Shah in 1981. It has grown to become India’s leading multinational chain of over 105 diagnostic and 700 collection centres across India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Middle East.

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The company puts a lot of faith in the capacity of Kenyan Doctors. In order to develop long term scientific collaboration with them, Metropolis have planned a series of Continued Medical Education (CME) seminars, key among them the “Recent advances in Diagnostics”. This would be followed by a series of such CMEs planned throughout the year, aiming at knowledge exchange.

To ensure global knowledge delivery, Metropolis will use its 150 medical specialists from across the globe. Local doctors will also be able to access Metropolis specialists for scientific case based discussions through emails and phone calls. This scientific edge has been the strength of the company, which it intends to replicate in Kenya and thereafter entire east Africa.

Bearing. in mind that test costs would be a major factor in success, the development of local capacity has helped the company to give locally competitive prices. Metropolis labs always aimed for highest level of accreditations, so its quality practices would be replicated in Kenya. This fine balance of good quality and cost has been made possible through automation and technology. The automation not only makes volume based quality testing possible, but also ensures maintaining excellent test turnaround time.

About Metropolis

Metropolis Healthcare Ltd., founded by Dr. Sushil Shah in 1981, is India’s leading multinational chain of over 105 diagnostic and 700 collection centres across India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Middle East.


Metropolis provides 4500 specialized tests under a single roof ranging from oncology to genetics, molecular biology and immunoassays using best-in-class state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Metropolis caters to over 50,000 doctors, 10,000 laboratories and hospitals, processing more than 15 million tests annually. Equipped with latest testing technology, laboratory Information Management System and an expansive logistic network certified for highest standards for sample handling; Metropolis also boasts of being a pioneer in many lab tests. Recognising the company’s strengths, Metropolis has been awarded numerous accolades like the “Modern Medicare Diagnostic Company of the year in 2006 and “Frost and Sullivan Diagnostic Company of the Year” in 2010. Its quality practices made Metropolis a “Quality Brand”, and its technological capabilities won the CMO Asia Award and e-health award in healthcare IT. Owing to the increasing test demands, Metropolis has recently expanded its processing capacity and made its central lab arguably the single largest lab in India. In the pursuit of scientific development Metropolis has conducted 48 CMEs in the last financial year and has successfully added 140 new tests through its R&D department.

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In the last 10 years, Metropolis has expanded into new service lines like Clinical Research, Hospital Lab Management and Wellness Solutions and is at the forefront in adopting new cutting edge technologies and services that contribute new revenue streams and strategically position the company as a leader. For more information please visit

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