DataToCare deploys for Tuberculosis diagnosis in Rwanda


DataToCare is one of laboratory solutions built not only IT professionals – but also clinicians, microbiologists and public health specialists whose goal is to improve simultaneously the quality of laboratories, clinical management and improve patients’ hospital experience.

It’s the first choice among connectivity solutions for many research projects and for those countries willing to strengthen epidemiological surveillance” (Source:

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the leading causes of public health diseases. TB has been diagnosed traditionally, by a combination of chest X-rays, special staining techniques followed by microscopy, the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) in culture and the Mantoux test.

A new innovation: Gene Xpert has been established and recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) to be used as a strong diagnostic technique.

The Gene Xpert machine (Xpert MTB/RIF) is a cartridge based nucleic acid amplification test can identify MTB DNA and resistance to rifampicin (RIF) by nucleic acid amplification test.

There are around 45 Gene Xpert machines deplore for Tuberculosis diagnosis in Rwanda at every district hospital and referral hospital levels.

DataToCare Project

It is a project with the mission of connecting laboratories and providing analytical expertise to increase the impact of diagnostic technologies on individualized patient care, disease surveillance and health-care management.

Tuberculosis diagnosis in Rwanda

 Software capacity

DataToCare is a software that collects the Gene Xpert assay results and send them to a central level sever. It also has the capacity to automatically collect patients’ demographic information (useful clinically relevant information).

It’s able to send alerts to different health providers in a defined way in case there is any MTB/Rif detection by SMS or email. In addition, it can generate the status of the gene Xpert machine at central level which facilitates a remote control.

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How DataToCare Works

The software is installed on each GeneXpert device, and the setup is adapted to the needs of the laboratory. Each test results can then be sent to a server using the internet, or SMS if internet is not available in the laboratory.

Due to its ability to function without the use the internet, “The software is currently being deployed in countries which are willing to strengthen the supervision of laboratories which are not all connected to the internet (i.e. Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Rwanda).


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