Burkina Faso: Universal healthcare by 2015

Burkina Faso: Universal healthcare by 2015

Burkina Faso is planning the introduction by 2015 of a universal healthcare coverage (AMU) in a bid to extend social protection and facilitate access to the local population, Burkinabe minister responsible for Social Security disclosed Sunday. “Over 90 percent of the Burkinabe population is not currently concerned by social security policies. Mutual social benefits can be considered as a window of opportunity for the underprivileged to gain access to the system for social protection”, the Burkinabe government official observed.

“By putting in place a universal health insurance system based on national solidarity, everyone will have access to health care without having to pay should they fall sick”, Burkina Faso’s Civil Service, Labor and Social Security minister, Vincent Zakane said.

Since 2009, the Burkinabe government has earmarked CFAF 5 billion to subsidize health care for pregnant women and newly born children.

The new move for universal health coverage, the government said will be implemented in a gradual manner through pilot experiences targeting informal workers as from 2014 and public and private sector workers in 2015.

According to the government as from 2025, the whole population will be covered.

The universal health coverage will be funded by the state, stakeholders together with financial and technical partners.

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