Alert Clinic: Nigeria’s electronic disease surveillance app

Alert Clinic: Nigeria’s electronic disease surveillance app

Alert Clinic is designed to support infectious disease preparedness efforts by strengthening the flow of information in and out of communities. Due to the Ebola crisis that broke out in 2014 in west Africa, a not-for-profit organization on Epidemic Alert was set up to respond to the emergency .  The NGO   came out with the following findings:

  • There is poor community awareness of public health importance.
  • There is poor awareness of how communities can protect themselves from such events.
  • There is poor awareness of where to seek help when such events occur leading to the origination of Alert Clinic

Epidemic Alert was created to boost the quality of health information flow into and out of communities, using a tool called Alert clinic.

Nigeria needs a system that supports disease preparedness efforts by enabling the rapid and qualitative flow of information in to and out of communities, regardless of the channel available to them.

For example, the web, telephony or word of mouth, due to the problem and delivery of information flow from the community to the stakeholders, which can cause delay in response efforts to the community involved.

In addition, there are  challenges with the quality and reach of information. Epid alert is a system that allows health authorities to rapidly communicate and deliver information to communities irrespective of their language, location or social dynamics, while also guaranteeing the quality of the information. Also, enabling the efficient gathering of health intelligence.

Alert clinic.

The alert clinic app was launched on June 7th in Lagos Nigeria, is a location specific health information, that connects everyone together in other to take preventive measures when someone in the community is infected, it can be downloaded on android phones, window phones or apple ios.

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Alert clinic

This would serve as a surveillance integrated with other public health data in other to provide valuable information for making decisions in preparedness for infectious diseases.

Alert clinic works by building communication and relationships with people with the channels they find most convenient e.g web/mobile, telephony or word of mouth. It will deliver location specific information on disease activity.  It  will also gather feedback when necessary from community through the channels of relationship buildings i.e we/mobile, telephony or word of mouth.

Blessing Oyediran

Holds BSc degree in Public health from Babcock University, Has vast experience in community field work, health program planning, epidemiology, monitoring and evaluation, health promotion. Familiar with the health system from the federal government level to the local governments also worked with FHI 360