Africa:South African Consultancy to Lead Sub-Saharan Study on EHEALTH Regulation

Press Release:

Health consultancy Greenfield Management Solutions announced today that it has signed acontract with the European Space Agency (ESA) regarding a study on regulatory aspects foreHealth, including telemedicine and satellite services, in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Thisproject is framed in the recently launched eHSA programme (Satellite-enhancedTelemedicine and eHealth for sub-Saharan Africa).) Greenfield will lead a multinationalconsortium, comprising Jembi Health Systems (South Africa), Fraunhofer GraphishceDatenverarbeitung (Germany) and Thales Alenia Space España (Spain).

The 15 professionals  involved are from eight nationalities and have experience in 22 SSA countries.Many policy-makers see investment in eHealth as an opportunity to help alleviate some ofthe challenges facing health care in SSA, such as lack of medical staff, infrastructure, financesand available and accessible clinics and hospitals. The region, consisting of over 840 millionpeople suffers 25% of the world’s communicable diseases, but supported by only 3% of theworld’s health workforce and 1% of the total spending on global healthcare.The eHSA programme was launched by ESA in collaboration with the Luxembourg Agency forCooperation and Development with the co-funding of the Government of Luxembourg andEuropean Union Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (ITF). It aims to facilitate the developmentof satellite-enhanced eHealth and Telemedicine infrastructure and services for the benefit ofSSA, including clinical care, surveillance, healthcare management and health education.Greenfield’s CEO Sean Broomhead, clinician and health informatics expert, emphasises thatESA’s goal to support improved performance and long-term sustainability of health systemsin SSA is a key motivator for his organisation’s interest in the programme. “The study onregulatory aspects provides a critical foundation to support the success of the eHSAProgramme” he says, “and thereby contributes to strengthening healthcare in the region”.

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The study on regulatory aspects is the second study of the eHSA programme. There will betwo further studies taking place in 2012, before a second phase, which involvesimplementing projects around specific themes such as electronic care, learning epidemic,surveillance and administration. Besides the social benefit it provides, the eHSA programmeintends to contribute to several of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals in amanner that supports SSA and the local social, political or medical equilibrium.  Effective regulation, including legal, social, ethical and cultural environments, is essential forsuccessful eHealth. Inadequate regulation continues to be a major barrier in developing neweHealth services in SSA.


About Greenfield Management Solutions

Greenfield Management Solution is a health development and research consultancy based inSouth Africa. The company was founded in 2006 and has since become a reputable companywithin the healthcare sector in South Africa. The company has extensive experience in thefield of eHealth. Greenfield supports technology researches and developers in the fieldthrough implementation and evaluation. More information is available

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