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Africa: Mobile Doctors Uses Cisco’s High-Definition Mobile Telemedicine System to Enhance Access to Quality Healthcare

Africa: Mobile Doctors Uses Cisco’s High-Definition Mobile Telemedicine System to Enhance Access to Quality Healthcare

Press Release:

Cisco and Mobile Doctors, providers of the 24-7 Physician Helpline Virtual Corporate Clinic and Home Care services, demonstrated today at GITEX how they are successfully deploying Cisco TelePresence technology to deliver round the clock medical expertise to customers in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.


The Cisco TelePresence® VX Clinical Assistant, deployed for the first time ever in the Middle East, will enable Mobile Doctors to high quality care, to any location, without need for an appointment. The service offered allows everyone - whether in their workplace, their community or at a local clinic - to have immediate 'real-life' virtual 'in-person' access to a local, licensed doctor at any time, 365 days a year without the need to make an appointment or wait in an emergency room queue. Mobile Doctors services are provided at a cost that is a fraction of a traditional clinic or hospital visit, making them highly cost effective for patients, employers, payers and government.

Highlights/Key Facts: Mobile Doctors combines licensed, high-quality medical expertise, modern technology, home care and decades of clinical experience to deliver a patient-first approach to healthcare. This unique and proprietary "Care from the Cloud" health services delivery platform ensures that every individual and family has access to quality physicians, regardless of patient location, at any time (day or night), without waiting and from any device.

Designed for mobility and ease of use at the point of care, the VX Clinical Assistant is a high-definition video collaboration system with functionality that makes it ideal for medical use cases ranging from remote patient consultations to virtual care teams and medical education.

VX Clinical Assistant is part of the Cisco family of TelePresence products specifically created for the medical industry. It gives healthcare facilities the chance to bring the benefits of TelePresence to patients and employees. It offers a total solution approach including content sharing, recording, firewall traversal, and management capabilities. Together with the rest of the Cisco TelePresence endpoint and infrastructure portfolio, Cisco's family of telemedicine solutions enable innovative applications for collaboration and care delivery.

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Mobile Doctors services are available throughout the MENA region. For example, individuals and families in the United Arab Emirates can subscribe to Mobile Doctors services for as little as 29 AED per month. Volume discounts are available to employers, health insurance providers and government departments. Subscribers to Mobile Doctors Virtual Corporate Clinic and 24-7 Physician Helpline services can initiate a call when they need medical expertise or advice through a number of devices including a personal computer, tablet, iPhone or android device from any location. The Virtual Corporate Clinic service is available to corporate organizations via video conferencing endpoints.

Executive Quotes: Adam Chilcote, vice president, Strategy and Business Development, Mobile Doctors "Healthcare is not simply a concern for hospitals - every family, organization and government has healthcare needs and challenges. Everyone and everything in healthcare is connected. By delivering new options for high-quality, always-available care, we can meet the every-day needs of families, help employers reduce health insurance premiums, deliver new business models for health services providers and enable governments to deliver equitable, timely care to the populations they look after. Cisco understands the integrated nature of innovation, technology, healthcare and business. We are proud to have Cisco as our partner as we develop new and highly innovative models of care from within the MENA region, designed specifically for the MENA region."

Wael Abdulal, collaboration manager, Cisco UAE "Cisco's collaborative technology solutions have been making a vital contribution to healthcare globally for many years now and as a result not only helping to enhance the quality of life but also bringing quality healthcare to communities in the most remote locations. With Cisco VX Clinical Assistant, Mobile Doctors will be able to deliver a fast, efficient, 'real-life in person' remote care experience bringing unsurpassed value to their customers without the need to travel to a health facility."

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About Mobile Doctors:

Mobile Doctors understands the healthcare needs and challenges of families, employers, health insurance providers and governments. Through the use of modern technology and strong industry partnerships, Mobile Doctors delivers safe, reliable, always-available care with a focus on quality and cost control for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. The Mobile Doctors "Care From the Cloud" service delivery platform is a fundamental, patient-centric, transformation of the way healthcare is delivered. For families, employers and governments, the wait for cost-effective, immediate, high-quality care is over. For more details visit: http://www.mobiledoctors.ae/

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