Africa Health:  RFID to prevent babies theft in Hospitals

Africa Health: RFID to prevent babies theft in Hospitals

AHIN Staff:

A South Africa based company Harmonic Group is in negotiation with a South African private hospital about the use of its radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track and secure new-born babies. The device is designed by tracking solutions company Protrac in Australia, the range of RFID tags has been distributed by the company in South Africa for more than three years.

This will prevent incidences in which new-borns have been stolen from South African hospitals.  It has to be stressed that such incidences are not limited to Africa hospitals. But, it is a new development to enhance and improve healthcare in South Africa

This security process will done by tagging.  ”Securing a new born babies with an ankle bracelet and ensuring that all authorised personnel transporting new-born babies  carry tags will enable hospitals to monitor the movement of the babies at all times and put parents at ease “  Barry Baetu explains.

If the RFID tag is tampered with or cut, the wireless technology will alert the private hospital if the RFID tag be  played with or removed, and immediate action can be taken in ensuring the new born baby  is not removed from the location.

Barry Baetu said  “We hope to also offer this product to public hospitals in the future,” The success of this  project will mark  the beginning of a new dawn in Africa healthcare development.

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