About Us

Africa Health-IT News (AHIT) is a UK -based non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the use of technology in Africa’s healthcare. Africa Health IT News (AHIT) is primarily focused to the needs of health practitioners and other stakeholders in Africa. The content of Africa Health IT News is partly to showcase the positive trends in Africa healthcare which would not be mentioned or highlighted in most media. Also, we aim to report trends and development in healthcare across the world which has been attained through the use of IT and all modern platforms, to help Africans in managing and developing their own healthcare. We hereby welcome all that are interested in promoting the use technology in Africa healthcare to contact us with developments, trends or breakthrough that you might want to highlight. We are willing to publish articles, create blogs, and attend conferences that will promote the use of IT in Africa healthcare.

Our Mission. Africa Health –IT News was conceived out a challenge that there is little or nothing known about the use of technology in managing healthcare in Africa. AHIT‘s mission is to promote the use of technology in Africa with the aim improving patient life and improve their experience of seeking care in hospitals. We aim to do this by educating our readers with news updates, research updates, conferences, interviews and videos (TV) and collaboration with other stakeholders in Africa healthcare AHIT aims to promote discussion and debate and provide an opportunity for peer learning that explores challenges, proposes solutions and shares experiences of success and failure. AHIT is a hub for articles about the improvement journey of African healthcare delivery, including analysis, trends, best practice, personal experiences and interviews.

First Phase The first phase of the project is to establish a platform that that can act as repository to share all trends in the way health technologies are being used in Africa healthcare. This includes mobile health, telemedicine, Telecare, use of latest medical equipment or mobile apps. The sources or ownership of the updates will be mainly from other news agencies or organisations that are willing to give or permit us to use their news bit or updates or share their activities with our readers.

 Second Phase The second phases will consolidates what we have achieved in the first phase and to establish AHIT as reliable and current platform to read or access information about the use of technology in Africa healthcare. In addition, we aim to start building networks with similar outfits or organisation or people who share similar goals or mission like ours. We would be seeking partnership with news organisations, companies, NGO to enrich our news sources and promote AHIT. It is our goal for this phase to start working towards having sponsors for AHIT activities. To achieve these goals we would need to have regional partners to coordinate and promote AHIT activities.

Third phase. This phase is consolidating all the achievement and lessons learnt from the earlier phases. We hope to have wide reaching online news magazine that is credible and source of information for African health practitioners, health decision makers, health buyers and healthcare managers and a platform for manufacturers to showcase and review their product for the African market. It’s envisaged that Africa healthcare IT TV will be an established platform for seminars, conferences, Trade fair review and advertisement/ products promotion.