The Impilo Initiative kick-starts Telehealth Services to Women in South Africa

The Impilo Initiative kick-starts Telehealth Services to Women in South Africa

The Impilo Initiative offers telemedicine services, something which many are calling the future of healthcare. A woman, mother or even child can, by the click of a button, be put in touch with a healthcare professional to have a face-to-face check up and be given quality guidance. With the incredible lack of access to medical care being experienced in South African rural communities, this will provide first-world health care without women having to leave their villages.

“The Impilo Initiative was designed to combine three of my favourite things – healthcare, technology and empowering women,” commented Elizabeth van Rooyen, Founder of the non-profit organization. “Equipping these women with advanced digital healthcare and education will allow them to take responsibility for their health – a lack of which is the root of so many issues in third world countries.”

According to shocking statistics, the South African healthcare crisis is quite severe, especially when it comes to women and girls. Healthcare access is limited and far removed from rural communities, places where often basic healthcare knowledge is quite low. This, and other factors have contributed to Africa having the world’s highest rate of adolescent pregnancies and over 15% of South Africa’s population suffering from HIV/AIDS. The Impilo Initiative aims to help fight these serious problems through education and helping women understand their bodies and associated rights, which can lead to prevention of some of these health issues or early detection which makes treatment substantially more effective.

The Impilio Initiative is actively searching for assistance in their important project both from those willing to donate, large or small and from Doctors willing to join their team.

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About The Impilo Initiative

The Impilo Initiative is working to bring the power of telemedicine to rural parts of Africa – especially South Africa where poverty prevails, where disease is prevalent, where doctors are scarce, and where the healthcare infrastructure is dismally inadequate. The possibilities that telemedicine can bring to this region – regions like it – are tremendous.

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